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Short quotes that inspire me

Teacher and Lord

Mark 9:17-24. The disciples are unable to cast out a demon from this guy’s son, because this kind only comes out by prayer and fasting. One thing to note is that the dad first calls Jesus “teacher” and complains about the disciples. After Jesus makes a comment about this generation, the dad changes his tune and calls Jesus “Lord” and says “help my unbelief!” Remember that Judas calls Jesus “teacher”, but all the other disciples call him “Lord”.

Is Jesus your Lord?


If a believer fails in prayer, he fails in everything

— Watchman Nee

I would rather have my dog do what I say than do what is right.

— Robert Chen

Wind in a box is just air.

No need to be harsh, just need to be firm.

— Robert Chen

Our train, His tracks.

— Danny Silk

Beginning is easy — continuing hard.

— Japanese proverb

Let the hands learn the commands.

— Robert Chen

Pour less but finish it.

— Robert Chen